Employment Law

Passionate and Dedicated

Carlsbad Law Group, LLP is well-versed in the legal nuances of employment law in California.  Our team of employment litigation attorneys aggressively represents our clients in a wide variety of employment related cases, including breach of contract and wrongful discharge, as well as discrimination and harassment cases based on race, sex, age, disability and other legally protected categories.

Respected, Strong Advocates

Carlsbad Law Group, LLP is respected for achieving numerous successful outcomes on discrimination actions involving claims of failure to promote, employment termination, refusal to hire, and harassment.  We know that proving discrimination based on one of these factors can be a challenging and difficult task.  Our employment litigation attorneys have substantial experience in handling discrimination matters and are well equipped to serve as strong advocates for pursuit and protection of our clients’ legal rights.

Strategic and Economical

Carlsbad Law Group, LLP has earned a reputation for implementing creative solutions and cost-efficient strategies to navigate our cases to a favorable resolution.  Our team of attorneys is passionate in their representation of our clients, and we pride ourselves on our solid understanding of the multiple federal and California statutes that govern employment law in California.  The foundation of the superior track record of Carlsbad Law Group, LLP’s employment litigation attorneys is their superb preparation, persuasiveness and determination.

Employment Counseling

Carlsbad Law Group, LLP represents California employers providing the highest quality employment law services to help our clients properly manage and respond to their human resource issues.  Our employment law attorneys counsel and offer guidance for beneficial programing and methods specifically designed for the employer to minimize the risk of conflict and litigation.  Carlsbad Law Group, LLP provides strategic legal advice to employers on compliance issues, safety, drug testing and substance abuse, hiring, wage and hour, compensation, performance review, discipline, sexual harassment, termination, and more.  Our team of employment law attorneys are also highly skilled in preparation and review of employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, safety manuals, employment handbooks and policy manuals.

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